Fuel-Saving Train System Prevents Delay

Fuel-Saving Train System Prevents Delay

Transportation plays a great part in a nation’s economy. Disruptions can really put a dent into the country’s cash flow. This triggered the technologists at GE Global Research to make use of real-time data and communication systems for their latest highly connected rail networks invention. Find out how this works by reading through:

Intelligent Rail Networks Enable Smoother Rail Traffic

A delayed train is more than just an inconvenience; it can disrupt the flow of goods and commerce itself. GE Global Research technologists are using advanced data and analytics to ensure trains arrive on time. A three-pronged strategy will help ensure that trains get from point A to point B and beyond in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

GE was banking on the idea that if the speed of the train is increased by 1mph, it will already help in saving the government to at least 200 million US dollars a year. They are also working on decreasing rail yard dwelling time to save further. Immediate results include increased on-track speed to up to 4mph and around 25 million of fuels saved on average so far. This showcases an excellent example of how improvements in efficiency can be achieved through innovation.

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