Energy Competitiveness in Asia Pacific Remained Due to Innovation

Energy Competitiveness in Asia Pacific Remained Due to Innovation

Peter Sykes, Dow Asia Pacific President spoke during the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference in Pattaya, Thailand. He narrated his experience witnessing the fast-phased transformation of cities in the Asia Pacific region where there has been undeniably speedy economic growth over the past decades. He highlighted the need to secure and tap innovation as an under-used resource. Read his speech in full here:

Innovation as a Key to Competitiveness in Asia Pacific

Good morning.

Thank you for your kind introduction … and thank you for inviting me to this important meeting of the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference.

This is a critical time for all of us.

During the 23 years I’ve spent in Asia Pacific – including five living here in Thailand – I have witnessed some amazing changes.

Cities and mega cities have sprung up across the region.

Sustainable energy development is that one that results in economic progress but at the same time, is environmentally-friendly! This is attainable only through conserving and ensuring energy efficiency as a priority. Next is optimisation, increase and diversification of supplies in the domestic sector and lastly is to balance the energy plan so that greenhouse gas emissions will be reversed, slowed down or stopped.

Industrial manufacturers like Dow must be innovative enough in managing the future of their industry. However, each government also has an equally important responsibility to support the existence of platforms that would allow these developments to happen through public policies like in China – thus making the country the largest importer of net oil, surpassing even the United States!

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