Data Connectivity Offered as Added Value

Data Connectivity Offered as Added Value

Innovating products or services does not have to be complicated. Yes, it’s true that the Internet of Things is already changing the way we live – and the era where vital devices are connected is now starting to unfold right in front of our very eyes. In fact, smart companies are already making use of innovations from talking soft drink dispensers to intelligent trains but today’s Internet of Things innovations are not limited to the corporate world. Check this article out to learn about a potentially very useful DIY offering:

DIY shop SparkFun now offers a cloud for your connected device data

SparkFun, the Boulder, Colo. company that sells DIY projects and boards, and even helps with fulfilling the orders from crowdfunding campaigns, has built a cloud service and an open-source project designed to get data online. The company laid out the new service, called in blog post Thursday, and it also released code it calls Phant (as in elephant, the pachyderm that never forgets) so people who don’t want to use the service can still upload their data to their own servers.

SparkFun understands the needs of their customers and to aid them with their hobby, the company launched This site serves as an added service where hardware buyers who are building their devices can get data from the parts with sensors – as guides, reminders or something to experiment or play with. A very simple and yet very priceless tool – not just to aid developers but also to encourage and integrate captured markets to patronise their products more!

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