Beer Brewery can be Sustained by Beer

Beer Brewery can be Sustained by Beer

Find out what the Alaskan Brewing Co. did to its spent grain instead of shipping them to buyers – making their waste management efforts sustainable since shipping costs are especially high because there are no roads leading in or out of the city and everything has to be flown or shipped in.

Beer-Powered Brewery Saves $450,000 A Year

The Juneau-based beer maker has installed a unique boiler system in order to cut its fuel costs. It purchased a $1.8 million furnace that burns the company’s spent grain — the waste accumulated from the brewing process — into steam which powers the majority of the brewery’s operations.

By contracting a North Dakota company to build the special boiler system after receiving the grant from the federal Rural Energy for America Program amounting to $500,000, the Alaskan Brewing Co. is now expecting big savings once the system is fully operational. The estimate is that – the spent grain steam boiler will offset the company’s yearly energy costs by 70 percent.

Saving about $450,000 a year. is indeed a good return for the investment on this very innovative facility due to the efforts of today’s innovators with the use of our evolving technology.

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