[Podcast] – Your Ideal Client on The Tony Durso Show

Your Ideal Client with Dr. Jürgen Strauss on The Tony Durso Show "Marketing is about building relationships with people we serve. Marketing is about enabling people to achieve and excel....

[Podcast] – Building a Relationship with Your Ideal Client on Creative on Purpose Live

"Be really clear about what is it that you deliver to your clients and focus on that as narrowly as you possibly can. When you do that, not only will...

[Podcast] – How to Nail Your Ideal Client on Build, Give, Live

Get really clear about who your ideal client is and be exceptionally valuable to them. After 27 years in the corporate world, I took the leap to set out on...

[Podcast] – Making Marketing More Human Again on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

“Start off with what is your mission and vision, get really clear about that. Start to build the culture around that and then as you interact with potential target market...

[Podcast] – Podcasting for Profit on The Master of Letters Podcast

Recently, Jürgen was privileged to make a guest appearance on Missinglettr’s Master of Letters Podcast, a podcast where CEO’s, marketers and consultants share their tactics and activities that are driving...

#ffbmsummit2018 It’s a wrap!

#ffbmsummit2018 It's a wrap!

#ffbmsummit2018 Day 6 Just WOW!

ffbmsummit2018 Day 6 Just WOW!

#ffbmsummit2018 Day 5

#ffbmsummit2018 Day 5

#ffbmsummit2018 Day 3, We are really Rocking!

#ffbmsummit2018 Day 3, We are really Rocking!