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The InnovaBuzz Podcast

Episode #3 – Ostrich Photography Innovation and Smart Business

In the third episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Innovabiz Founder, Jürgen Strauss relates one of his life experiences during his career, and describes how it has shaped his philosophy and drive around innovation, being a...

Episode #2 – Johnson Ongking – Pacific Paints Boysen

In this second episode of the InnovaBuzz  podcast, Johnson Ongking - Pacific Paints Boysen in the Philippines talks about innovation in the paint industry, an innovative product that does more than just...

Episode #1 – Scott Hunt from Aspiron Real Estate

Image Courtesy of Aspiron Real Estate In this first episode of the InnovaBuzz  podcast, Scott Hunt from Aspiron Real Estate and Advance Homes explains how he is transforming the way Real Estate...

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