Automation Framework - Process - Saving Time

InnovaBuzz Episode #58 – Automation Framework, Process and Really Saving Time

January 13, 2017

An Automation Framework, Process and Really Saving Time In this episode, Jürgen talks about automation, goal setting and planning and really saving time.  He outlines our Automation Framework for you and also lists some typical tasks that can be automated.  We also have a couple of awesome tools that we share with you. Listen to the…

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Carrie Dils

InnovaBuzz Episode #57 – Carrie Dils

December 16, 2016

Carrie Dils: Officehours.FM In this episode, my guest is Carrie Dils of the podcast, and a well known contributor to the WordPress community. We talk about moving your business away from trading time for money, gaining leverage and taking the knowledge you have and making products, courses and even a book from that. Listen to the…

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Playing a Bigger Game

InnovaBuzz Episode #56 – Playing a Bigger Game

December 9, 2016

Playing a Bigger Game In this episode, Jürgen talks about transformation- Playing a Bigger Game. We also share a tip to improve your Systems and Processes documentation, together with the tool Clarify. Listen to the podcast to find out the details. Listen to the Podcast Links Clarify Books Michael E. Gerber: Beyond the E-Myth Full…

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Allegra Sinclair, Allegrativity Podcast

InnovaBuzz Episode #55 – Allegra Sinclair

December 2, 2016

Allegra Sinclair: The Allegrativity Podcast In this episode, my guest is Allegra Sinclair of the Allegrativity Powercast. Allegra shares with us her passion to help women become more self-confident. She also shares tips to have a positive relationship with business clients and how to balance personal and business lives. With her vibrant personality, she encourages us…

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Michael E Gerber Beyond E-Myth

InnovaBuzz Episode #54 – Michael E Gerber: Beyond E-Myth

November 25, 2016

Michael E Gerber: Beyond E-Myth In this episode, my guest is Michael E Gerber, the author of the E-Myth series of books.  Michael shares with us his passion about Beyond E-Myth. Michael’s Mantra is “Every life a legacy, every small business a school.”; he points out that an entrepreneur is a creator, who is here…

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Automation on InnovaBuzz

InnovaBuzz Episode #53- Automation

November 18, 2016

Automation In this episode, Jürgen talks about automation- how can we automate repeating tasks, so that we free up our time to do other, more creative things; things that we can’t delegate to software. I love checklists (as you can do with Workflowy or for making sure that repeat processes are well documented and…

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Kim Doyal

InnovaBuzz Episode #52 – Kim Doyal: The WP Chick

November 11, 2016

Kim Doyal: The WP Chick In this episode, my guest is Kim Doyal, The WP Chick.  She is well known in the WordPress community and runs both the WP Chick podcast and is co-host of the Hustlefree Podcast.  We spent a lot of time talking about podcasting, consistency of message and how to share information that…

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Michael Mapes: Graveyard Innovation

InnovaBuzz Episode #51 – Michael Mapes, Graveyard Innovation

October 21, 2016

Michael Mapes: Graveyard Innovation In this episode, my guest is Michael Mapes of Graveyard Innovation, a results-based innovation firm that helps business, design and execute winning strategies because, as Micheal puts it: “ we like to win”.  We talk about innovation as providing relevant value to your audience, about the importance of always asking questions and…

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Innovation Culture

InnovaBuzz Episode #50 Innovation Culture

October 14, 2016

Innovation Culture:Creating an Organisational Culture that values Innovation In this milestone episode #50, Jürgen discusses the dramatic changes that will impact our lives and our businesses in the coming 5 years and how we can not only adapt to these changes so our business survives, but to lead the changes and be the innovators.  It’s about…

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Miriam Plieninger: Babbel

InnovaBuzz Episode #49 – Miriam Plieninger: Babbel

October 7, 2016

Miriam Plieninger: Babbel In this episode, my guest is Miriam Plieninger the Director of Didactics at Babbel. Babbel is a language learning app that offers 14 languages via in-app learning on mobile devices and computers.  In the interview we talked about language learning using new technology and the rapid growth that Babbel has and is…

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Lisa Wells

InnovaBuzz Episode #48 – Lisa Wells

September 23, 2016

Lisa Wells : Virtual Assistant Trainer In this episode number 48,  Lisa Wells talks to us about systems, processes, leverage through online training and her virtual assistant training business.  Listen to the podcast to find out more. Listen to the Podcast Your business is a baby, you have to give it so much attention at first.…

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Peter Moriarty, itGenius

InnovaBuzz Episode #47 – Peter Moriarty: itGenius

September 16, 2016

Peter Moriarty: itGenius In this episode number 47, Peter Moriarty talks to us about cloud computing and how it is transforming the IT industry as well as enabling small business to be more effective, efficient and agile.  Listen to the podcast to find out more. Listen to the Podcast if you want to compete with the…

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Jonathan Lui: Airtasker

InnovaBuzz Episode #46 – Jonathan Lui: Airtasker

September 9, 2016

Jonathan Lui: Airtasker In this episode number 46 of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Jonathan Lui, one of the founders of Airtasker, speaks about the challenges of a new startup, disruptive business models and the importance of customer feedback.  Listen to the podcast to find out more. Listen to the Podcast speak to customers as often as…

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Chris Marr Content Marketing Academy

InnovaBuzz Episode #45 – Chris Marr: Content Marketing Academy

September 2, 2016

Chris Marr: Content Marketing Academy In this episode number 45 of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy gives us his philosophy around content marketing – educating your audience and constantly learning as well.  Key is to be consistently present and always delivering value as well as building a community.  Listen to the…

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MarcusSheridan The Sales Lion

InnovaBuzz Episode #44 – Marcus Sheridan: The Sales Lion

August 25, 2016

Marcus Sheridan: The Sales Lion In this episode number 44  of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion and of course, star of the River Pools story talks about content marketing, but primarily about the key principle of solving your customers’ problems by educating them.  This is an enduring marketing strategy that has worked for…

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HolgerSeim: Blinkist

InnovaBuzz Episode #43 – Holger Seim: Blinkist

August 19, 2016

Holger Seim: Blinkist In this episode number 43  of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Holger Seim, co-founder and CEO of Blinkist talks to me about book summaries, the rapid growth of Blinkist and their holocracy management model, “Blinkracy” as well as the process Blinkist use to produce their book summaries, Blinks.  Listen to the podcast to find out more.…

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InnovaBuzz Episode #42 – Tamala Huntley

August 11, 2016

Tamala Huntley on digital strategy with marketing automation and online systems In this episode number 42  of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Tamala Huntley, an entrepreneur and digital marketer talks to us about digital marketing, systems, marketing automation, work life balance, success and life as a digital nomad. Listen to the podcast to find out more. Listen to…

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David Jenyns Authority Content

InnovaBuzz Episode #41 – David Jenyns: Authority Content

August 5, 2016

Authority Content with David Jenyns In this episode number 41  of the InnovaBuzz podcast, my guest is David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO Services and Melbourne Video Productions who talks to me about his new book Authority Content. David has been on the podcast on a couple of occasions, telling us about his business (Episode 27) and about systems…

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Jem Fuller - Leaders in Life

InnovaBuzz Episode #40 – Jem Fuller: Leaders in Life

July 29, 2016

Jem Fuller of Leaders in Life on How to Lead with a Servant’s Heart In this episode number 40  of the InnovaBuzz podcast,  Jem Fuller, the founder of Leaders in Life tells us about his life-defining leadership programs, and how he does that in a very innovative and unique way, teaching leaders how to lead with a servant’s…

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Ian Altman

InnovaBuzz Episode #39 – Ian Altman: Grow My Revenue

July 22, 2016

Ian Altman from Grow My Revenue In this episode 39  of the InnovaBuzz podcast,  my guest is Ian Altman from Grow My Revenue.  Ian helps executives become outrageously successful targeting and winning business.  We talk about innovation and sales leadership – how to sell innovation and perhaps most importantly, how to ensure that what you produce…

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Kronda Adair, Karvel Digital

InnovaBuzz Episode #38 – Kronda Adair: Karvel Digital

July 15, 2016

Kronda Adair: Karvel Digital on online workshops, audience building and funding products In episode number 38  of the InnovaBuzz podcast,  Kronda Adair of Karvel Digital tells us about some of the really neat and innovative things she is doing with online workshops and building an audience and funding the products. Kronda’s philosophy is that a…

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Rob van Haaren: CoverrMe Crowdfunding Platform

InnovaBuzz Episode #37 – Rob van Haaren: CoverrMe Crowdfunding Platform

July 1, 2016

Rob van Haaren: CoverrMe Crowdfunding Platform In this episode number 37 of the InnovaBuzz podcast,  we hear from Rob van Haaren all the way from New York City, about his experiences in innovation, crowdfunding,  solar energy and his CoverrMe crowdfunding platform.  This new initiative takes an innovative approach to crowdfunding and leveraging technology.  Read more…

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InnovaBuzz Episode #36 – Systems and Processes with Troy Dean and David Jenyns

June 10, 2016

Systems and Processes with Troy Dean and David Jenyns In this episode number 36  of the InnovaBuzz podcast,  I’m live in a recording studio with Troy Dean of WP Elevation and David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO Services and Video Productions. We talk about the importance of systems and processes to every business. Both Troy and…

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Ossie Pisanu, Guardian Strata Management

InnovaBuzz Episode #35 – Ossie Pisanu, Guardian Strata Management

May 27, 2016

Ossie Pisanu, Guardian Strata Management In this episode number 35  of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Ossie Pisanu, of Guardian Strata Management talks about a recent technology makeover his company undertook and the huge impact that had on the staff, team morale and the ability of Guardian Strata Management to better serve its customers. This is a fascinating…

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