EASILY, EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY grow your business with podcasting.

Produce a show that's really going to speak to your DREAM audience and transform your listeners.

Build relationships and grow your network through your podcast.

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Audio Program Overview

  • Why Podcasting

    Our fully tested process to prepare you to get exposure to new audiences, build visibility, trust and authority in you and your business.
  • My Lighthouse

    Metaphor for brand, clarity of message, congruency and consistency.
  • Who is My Dream Listener?

    The more clearly we understand the desires, the fears, the frustrations, the wants, the aspirations and the personalities of our dream listener, the more focused our message will be and the more effective it will be.
  • Getting to Know My Dream Listener

    our process for taking the audience profile we developed in the last lesson and deepening our understanding of our ideal listener. This process is about going beyond the demographics and psychographics of the profile and building empathy with our listener.
  • My Dream Listener's Interest

    Understanding our dream listener's problem, pain or need, their aspirations - why would they listen to us.
  • My Message - The Value I Add

    Defining the value we add to our dream listener and crafting the message.
  • Ideal Guests

    Who would be an ideal guest for our podcast and where do we find them?
  • Starting a Conversation

    Discover how to start a conversation with these podcast guests and begin to build a relationship.
  • Research and Preparation

    How to enable us and our guest to show up as our best when we record the episode, in the most time efficient way.
  • Delivering an Exceptional Experience

    How to create an Exceptional Experience, throughout the entire process, for the listener, the guest and ourselves.
  • Produce - Publish - Promote

    Exceptional Quality and Visibility
  • Nurturing the Relationship

    Continue the conversation with our show guests.
  • Earning Referrals

    How we can generate referrals, of potential podcast guests, in a way that will turn podcasting into a sustainable marketing strategy and an unstoppable Flywheel!
  • Mastery: Scale, Celebrate, Repeat

    Scaling this process in a way that is effective and efficient; automating large parts of it, still keeping the human touch!

Your Host

Dr Jürgen Strauss is founder and chief innovator at Innovabiz and a mentor for podcasters all around the world.

He is passionate about helping businesses achieve exceptional results through building sustainable visibility, credibility and a deep connection with dream clients and listeners.

Jürgen is host of the Tales of Marketing Transformation show and the InnovaBuzz innovation podcast, where he has been privileged to engage in meaningful conversations with entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Prior to founding Innovabiz, Jürgen worked in the science and chemical industries leading large global multi-national teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia. He's spent years at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management.

In this audio program, he will reveal our complete Podcasting Flywheel (process) that will enable you to become a podcast rockstar and grow your network and your business through podcasting.

It's absolutely the right time to start a podcast now, or to double down on podcasting if you have one.
Podcasting IS the wave of the future.
Meet Jürgen
Make Marketing Human Again

For Service-Centred
Business Owners Only

This audio program was created for service centred business owners who are committed to growing their business through human focused marketing by deepening their relationship with their clients (listeners) and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

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