Landing Page is an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Landing Page is an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Since landing page is a one sheet online brochure which is an inbound marketing strategy, it is crucial to create content that would not only entice the readers but will also inspire them to do something about it. Here’s a very straightforward guide in creating a very effective landing page:

The 5 Essential Elements of a Winning Landing Page

By: Oli Gardner

If landing pages didn’t exist and you were designing one for the very first time, what landing page elements would you need to make your new creation a success?

Let’s take look at the anatomy of a landing page, and we’ll define the building blocks of a successful online marketing campaign.

The introduction must offer solution to the problem of your target audience and do not  end the section without telling them to do something using the call-to-action concept. It is also important to offer the benefits of your product or service with testimonials from your satisfied clients. Most of all, wrap up the landing page with your updated contact details. This way, you can quickly convert your visitors into customers!

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

Landing Page is an Inbound Marketing Strategy 6

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