[Podcast] – Why Our Attention Matters with Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Attention Matters

Why Our Attention Matters with Dr. Jürgen Strauss

The kind of attention we get and give to others is vital and impacts our behaviours and feelings. People can remember forever the kind of attention they get from everyone in their lives, especially when it feels good and or feels bad.

It was a great privilege to be a guest on BBM Radio’s Attention Matters with Alice Aspen March to talk about why attention matters in innovation and marketing. Alice was our guest in episode 312 of the InnovaBuzz Podcast.

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Here are some of the takeaways from our conversation.

  • We need to have conversations that really matter. We need to bring the human element throughout all innovation.
  • Leadership is understanding other people’s points of view.  
  • Human connection is one of our core needs. It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, we all have the need to connect and to be listened to.
  • We build a business to serve our lifestyle. Technology is there to serve our human capacity, not the other way around.
  • Attention is one of our core needs. 
  • Attention is energy. We can feel it.
  • Giving someone our attention is a common courtesy. It’s a way of showing respect to others.
  • It’s the little things that matter. When you start building little habits of giving attention, you become an expert in interacting with people and building relationships.
  • Attention is at the core of every human relationship. 
  • We need to use technology to start enabling more human interactions as opposed to just getting ahead of the curve.
  • Reading a book as opposed to watching TV or a movie, trains your imagination to translate the story in your own mind.
  • Imagination is the core of innovation. To imagine how you might arrive at a solution to some of the world’s problems is a spot-on innovative process.
  • Innovation is an important part of our lives. If we don’t innovate, we are not growing.
  • The whole idea of human relationships is to give before you receive. The way to receive attention is to give it first. 
  • Make your employees feel valued by including them in the decision-making process. Taking on board suggestions from other people is a good way to give attention. When you consider your people’s suggestions, it means that you are paying attention to them, which will result in more engagement, loyalty, and productivity.
  • Appreciating and recognising your employees are more important and valuable than any big financial reward. 
  • Using technology to build human connections, such as sending video messages rather than a written email, makes you stand out. It lets people see your emotions and the high level of attention that you are giving them. 

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