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Real People Real Business

Humanizing Marketing Through Conversation w/ Dr. Jürgen Strauss

I am all about using technology to enable more human-to-human interactions.

It was a great privilege to be a guest on the Real People, Real Business Podcast to talk about the importance of human interaction in growing a business. 

Real People, Real Business is a podcast where business owners share their experiences, lessons, and words of wisdom to inspire others to take action towards their goals. Real People, Real Business, is hosted by Business Transformation Consultant, Stephanie Hayes, who was our guest on episode 163 of the InnovaBuzz Podcast.

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

Listen to the Podcast

Here are some of the takeaways from our conversation.

  • Being aware of the environment that you are working in and being adept at making changes in your own business model as well as how you are serving your customers are keys to innovation. 
  • Be clear about what it is that you are doing for your customers. 
  • Technology should be used to enable more human-to-human interactions.
  • Innovation is a process and it does need to be managed in the same way that marketing habits need to be built upon processes. 
  • Having a framework or process for the things you do in your business allows you to be more creative and adaptable to the environment. 
  • Creativity and innovation rely on asking really good questions. 
  • A podcast is a great networking tool. 
  • As a podcast host, make sure that you are well-prepared and that you showcase your guest from their best. The same thing applies if you are appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast. Make sure that you are well-prepared for what you have to offer and show up as your best.
  • Putting yourself out there is fairly easy when you are clear about who your audience is and the message you want to bring to them. Being clear about how you can add value to your audience is key. 
  • Podcast conversations don’t have to be perfect. What’s really important is that it is interesting and valuable to the audience you are speaking to. If there are some things that are not quite right, those are not as important because they allow people to see you as a human. 
  • A good podcast is one that gives value to the listener. Know what the audience is looking for and deliver that in a way that is interesting and engaging. 
  • To make a podcast more interesting and engaging, use stories that highlight the points you are trying to make and how it applies in the real world. Aim to give at least three takeaways per episode. 
  • Knowing your audience well also allows you to better determine how long your podcast should be. 
  • Podcasting is a growing medium.
  • Podcasting is a very intimate form of human interaction. It’s a great way to connect with your audience from a marketing standpoint. 
  • Podcasting is easy. Once you get started and develop some experience, you just get better and better at it whether as a host or being a guest. 
  • Producing, writing content, recording, and editing a show is just 20% of the work. 80% is marketing it. Marketing each episode of your podcast is really important.
  • Writing a blog post can be very transactional, whereas getting on a podcast is a more human connection. 
  • Be clear about the product or service that you are offering and start building a relationship with your customers or audience. Think about the touchpoints that you want to establish and build that relationship to a point where they can then say, “Yes. I want to buy your product/service.”
  • Start with the end in mind. Think about how having that person on board as a client would look and work your way back from that. 
  • Podcasting is a great tool to build early touchpoints for people to learn more about you and your expertise. 
  • Your business grows more when you focus more narrowly. Be clear about who your ideal client or ideal listener is – what they need and what their desires are. And then, go deep in terms of what their frustrations and aspirations are, and how your product or service fits into that. 
  • Build your business to a point where it is sustainable that it can continue to serve your clients even when you go on a holiday. Make sure that your team is being looked after in a way that their needs are met and they are also happy. 
  • Growing a business is not just about getting more money and more business. It is also all about the learnings that you get together with your team, and how you both grow as people.
  • Entrepreneurship is a learning journey. It opens up a lot of amazing opportunities for growth that is not just about growing the business for the sake of growing it.
  • Choosing to work with clients that are a perfect fit for you is part of your own well-being and personal growth. The more ideal clients that you have, the better it is not only for your marketing but also for your own well-being. 

Watch and Listen to the Podcast

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