New Dashboard Gives Clear Directions for Business Pages at Google Plus

New Dashboard Gives Clear Directions for Business Pages at Google Plus

The new Google Plus dashboard is not just an added feature of Google Plus – it actually simplifies all the other excellent functionality available in this social media tool.  This means that at a glance, you can choose what to do next – whether to chat with a contact or edit some information.  Promotional searches and organising priority notices is also be very easy without having a lot of pages opened.  Perhaps it’s time to revisit your listing if you have not done this after April and you’ll surely love it.  Here’s why:

Google Releases Google Plus Dashboards for Business Pages

By: Jon Parks

Google released a new feature on Monday that will make the process of managing a company’s presence on Google a little bit easier. And they used Google Plus to do it. The new feature, called Google Plus Dashboard which was introduced in April but given a wide rollot yesterday, unites a company’s core information listings (Web address, physical address, phone number, store hours, etc.) and distributes it out to places such as Google Maps, Google Search and Google Plus.

The more user-friendly Google Plus becomes, the more businesses can easily be retrieved by search engines – unless you are not listed somewhere at Google Plus.  It’s as simple as  “if you want your products and services to be found online, just create a business page at Google Plus at once”.  Trust that this new dashboard will not give you a hard time.

New Dashboard Gives Clear Directions for Business Pages at Google Plus 6

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