Google Places Listing Needs Regular Updating

Google Places Listing Needs Regular Updating

It’s great that your business already have Google Places listing which is now called Google Plus Local and already shown on Google Maps. You might also find at one point your promotions on the first page of Google Search when you “Google” relevant keywords along with category and location. However, you should be aware that this is not permanent. Google page ranking can deteriorate based on the freshness, accuracy and relevance of your entries. This is why re-visiting and updating your online data in these Google platforms are crucial from time to time. Read this full article for some enlightenment:

Why it is time you reviewed your Google Places listing

By: yvette adams

BEING seen on Google is one of the holy grails of being successful online.  Most people’s searches begin with a search on Google, so if you have a business that has a physical location and desires foot traffic, you really need to make sure you put yourself on the Google Map.

The information you posted for Google Search engine to retrieve is not something that you just provide at the beginning of your commercial endeavor and forget about them as time progresses. You do have the responsibility to correct them as changes happens and always make them up-to-date. It may take up some of your time but the reward is greater than what you think – because traffic with Google is more likely to be converted in to sales if you take your Google Places listing seriously.

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