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Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

By: Jürgen Strauss

The former Google Local popularly known as Google Maps today already powers many map-providing services through Google Maps API on top of Google’s own Google Transit and Google Ride Finder. These 3rd party features offer directions either by bike, car or foot. It has versions for public utilities or for trade routes in many countries. These Maps by Google have high quality images – satellite or aerial views. The down sides are the outdated satellite images and the missing areas around the poles due to the Mercator projection-like system it uses. However, this has been corrected in another product of Google called Google Earth. It is the same application that Audi’s Navigation Plus is powered by – being the first company that brings this merging worldwide.

See the Advantages of the Audi GPS and Google Maps Merger in this Video:

Featured by Youtube as: Google + Audi: Enhancing Navigation

Instead of just a map and the directional voice typical in any vehicular GPS system, Audi’s GPS screen shows high resolution with 3-D terrain enhancements and updated aerial images of your routes wherever your destinations may be. Street networks are projected in detail and the routes are calculated at least a block before reaching the actual location. This is designed not to make it too distracting for drivers – that is basically a big help in locating unfamiliar places by having an idea what the place looks like through the images shown beforehand.

Sure, there are GPS-compatible smartphones but they’re not really optimised for car use. They are too small or unstable when being viewed in a running vehicle. Of course, there are adjustable settings for car modes but still – the limited touch points will never be convenient while driving and can be very unsafe.

The Google Integrated Audi GPS Experience

It’s been a year now that owners of the 2012 Audi A7 have benefited from this two-in-one device – the GPS and Google Earth integration. Satellite imagery is immediately shown on screen while the car is heading through a photographic landscape. The data connection installed by Audi manufacturers through T-Mobile in the A7 enables the downloading of the actual imagery from Google. Google Street View is even taking this integration into a more advanced state – by showing panoramic photos of the destination from the searched location marked by the Google Maps sign. These Street View images are giving drivers the idea of what the programmed destination looks like, giving them a hint on what to look for while driving.

The goal here is to give directional assistance to drivers in the best possible way with little distraction. This is where Google Maps can be zoomed in and out and embedded in a stable screen that is strategically mounted to allow quick glances on the screen for reference with great benefit – without stealing the attention from driving safely.

Opportunities for Driving Destinations

This is one big reason for destinations to always represent their businesses in Google Maps if they want to reach an active market such as these in-vehicle GPS users. The system comes with the Travel Destinations option supported by Google that allows the retrieval of detailed information about places to go to like where to dine, where to stay, where to shop and even customer reviews on these kinds of establishments.

Once your map is displayed and your current location appears together with icons indicating nearby places of interests on these GPS screens, you will surely gain a huge advantage over those who are not into Google Maps. By the way, are you at Google Maps already?

Image Source: Carcartech

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