5 Things You Should Not Do on Google Plus Local

5 Things You Should Not Do on Google Plus Local

Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

By: Jürgen Strauss

Beware – pay attention to Google Plus Local Quality Guidelines before getting yourself to do a listing for your business in this social media. You might be doing things that are damaging to your business in dire desperation to make your listing rank well at Google searches.


5 Things You Should Not Do on Google Places

“The most important thing that everyone who meets for the first time faceto face with Google Places should do is read the Google Places QualityGuidelines. As a Top Contributor to the Google Places Help Forum I spenda decent amount of time reading through threads and stepping in wherenecessary. From my experience a big part of the penalized listings didnot confine to the guidelines not because the business owner wanted topurposefully manipulate the search results, but rather because ofignorance. If you start using Places as a marketing tool, and even worse– if you use it as your main new customer acquisition channel, you mustread the quality guidelines letter by letter and memorize them BEFORE you create your listing.”

If you are guilty of doing some of the violations listed above, it is safer to voluntarily remove your business listing from Google Plus Local before you get banned for doing such things.  Then resubmit a new listing for your business following the guidelines.  Also read more about Restoring Your Google Plus Local Listing After Being Removed For A Quality Guideline Violation – to avoid making the same mistakes when you first did the listing.


Jürgen Strauss

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