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Facebook's Fan Page and Business Page are Different

Facebook’s Fan Page and Business Page are Different

Business and Fan Pages of Facebook are different. They both increase the traffic of your website connected to them – but they are serving specific purposes. The Business page does the administrative side of your promotional campaigns while the fan page is the common platform for all your followers or customers. Read this for clarification:

The Difference Between a Fan Page & a Business Account on Facebook

By:  Lara Webster, Demand Media

Facebook pages and business accounts are both designed for professionals, although the purpose and functionality of each is quite different. A Facebook page can be managed from either a personal or a business account and lets you interact with other users on the social networking site. A business account has limited functions and is primarily used for managing pages and ad campaigns.

Since Facebook announced that using a personal page for business is prohibited, a business page must be used for the management of pages and promotions via Facebook. This looks more professional also and protects your personal information from becoming visible to your business connections. Sure, you need as many contacts as possible for your trade and the fan page allows you to to do this without limit – free of charge. You certainly have to register for both!

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