How to Generate Excellent Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

How to Generate Excellent Audience Engagement

by Joanne Clark, Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training

Producing content can be challenging! Whether we are writing for the web, for a presentation, or advertising, there are really two critical factors that we need to get right: provide exceptional value to our audience and get them engaged in the conversation.

Here are some tips to get you building an effective strategy for writing engaging content that captures your audience’s attention and generates audience engagement.

These ideas are based on the 5 Success Principles of NLP:

1. Know your outcome

The essential ingredient to HAVING effective communication with your audience is actually knowing who they are, understanding what matters to them and speaking to them in their language.

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Alice - Know Your Outcome

To illustrate this principle, let’s consider the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. When Alice comes to a crossroads with two paths before her, she is confronted by the Cheshire Cat, of whom Alice asks,”Which way I ought to go from here?”

The cat answers, “That depends a great deal on where you want to get to.” When Alice admits she doesn’t care where she goes, the wise cat notes, “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.”

As the Cheshire cat observed, without deciding where you want to go, choosing the way to get there is not important. In relation to business, your obvious audience is your customers. This means it is important to be very clear about who you want as your customer. At work as in life, what we focus on is what we get, so if you are defocused – waiting for whatever or whoever – that’s all you’re going to get, whatever or whoever blows in!

2. Take MASSIVE Action

Thoughts – even great ones – don’t become reality without putting them into action. You’ve got to take steps, to build up some momentum.

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Take Massive Action

When writing engaging information, we are taking ACTION and getting very clear on who our customers are. If you know them then you can communicate with them – which means your information gets excellent audience engagement and killer results!

3. Sensory Acuity and Awareness

Sensory acuity means we have tracking points, measures, and opportunities for feedback from our customers. Armed with this information we can then reflect and consider – is this message working?

This reflection is critical because there’s no point keeping our heads down and doing, doing, doing AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN, never having the awareness to step back and say, “Hey, is this working? Is all this ‘doing’ getting me the results that I’m looking for?”

Sensory Acuity and Awareness

Take time out and look at whether you are actually making ground. Be honest with yourself because an honest assessment at this point of time can save you heaps of time and money later!

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4. Behavioural Flexibility

After reflecting and noticing what is working (delivering results) and what is not – you may find you need to adapt. It is essential to bring behavioural flexibility to eliminate or modify strategies that are not successful.

Behavioural Flexibility

If you have a weekly newsletter that no one opens – that is FEEDBACK, change it! Ask yourself – is a weekly newsletter a good match for my customers? Should I be using Facebook? What other strategies can I choose that connect with them? Perhaps it is the content of the newsletter that has them not open it? (Fortunately after today that won’t be the case, hey?)

In short, if you are not getting the result you’re looking for, ask yourself, what do you need to do differently? If you are not getting your outcome, change your strategies and tactics, do not just give up on your goals.

5. Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

Create a physiology within yourself that aligns with your message. If your mindset or your physiology does not match your message, your customers will notice the mismatch. Where there is an incongruence between message, and the physiology or psychology of the messenger, most of us have a sense of uncertainty – perhaps even wariness.

There’s no point in having a great message that connects with your customers whilst all the time your physiology and psychology is indifferent, shrugging shoulders, stooped down, deflated with a voice that is kind of flat… ‘Yes, I’m really interested in you as a customer (yawn)!’ You’ve got to create that physiology and psychology of excellence even when the going is tough.

Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

When writing engaging information, we are taking ACTION and getting very clear on who our customers are. If you know them then you can communicate with them – which means your information gets great audience engagement and killer results!

Even when you think – ‘But content writing is still hard!’   We get it!  Mastering the art of content production doesn’t happen overnight- it requires practice, repetition and time. Getting the engaging interaction you want to achieve with your customers is a step-by-step learning process.

As long as you know your customers and deliver consistent high quality content, you will ultimately find it easy to provide information that is of exceptional value to them.

Remember it’s really not about the design or art of speaking or writing, rather it is about the TWO fundamental factors we started with:

Providing exceptional value to our audience and getting them engaged in the conversation.

Great content - provides exceptional value to your audience and gets them engaged in the conversation. Share on X

Always finish with a strong message and encourage audience involvement by making it easy for them to share their comments and thoughts about your content.

Why not give it a go yourself right now and post your comments below. We are all looking forward to hearing how you feel as you apply the 5 Principles of Success to generate your excellent content and audience engagement.

Applying the Success Principles


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