Content Marketing

Mike James

Mike James, How to Capture Engaging and Impactful Photos – InnovaBuzz 465

Mike James talks about building a business on a powerful why, the importance of community, and photography tips to capture engaging and impactful photos.

Felix Cao

Felix Cao, The Role of Neuroscience in Marketing – InnovaBuzz 464

Felix Cao talks about the role of neuroscience in marketing and the importance of empathy and relationships.

Rytis Lauris

Rytis Lauris, How to Adapt to iOS 15’s Impact on Email Marketing – InnovaBuzz 463

Rytis Lauris of Omnisend talks about implications of the privacy features of iOS 15, lifetime value of customers and humanising email marketing.

Desi Bolin

Desi Bolin, How to Streamline Your Business to Facilitate Rapid Growth – InnovaBuzz 462

Desi Bolin talks about the importance of systems and processes, hiring for culture and mission fit, and building personal connections with marketing tools.

Michael DeLon

Michael DeLon, Why You Need to Write a Book and How to Do It Right – InnovaBuzz 461

Michael DeLon talks about writing a book as a powerful strategy to position yourself as an expert, convert more leads, and generate more sales.

Jonathan Callinan

Jonathan Callinan, How to Build a Community Around Your Online Business – InnovaBuzz 460

Jonathan Callinan talks about building a community around your business through the power of online subscriptions.

Kurian Tharakan

Kurian Tharakan, The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell – InnovaBuzz 459

Kurian Tharakan talks about the 7 essential stories charismatic leaders tell and entrepreneurship as a journey of personal growth and learning.

Steffen Hedebrandt

Steffen Hedebrandt, How to Use Data to Understand Customer Journeys – InnovaBuzz 458

Steffen Hedebrandt talks about using data to understand customer journeys and improve customer experience at every touchpoint.

Duane Varan

Duane Varan, The Science of Branding and Emotional Marketing – InnovaBuzz 457

Duane Varan talks about branding and advertising as an emotional journey and innovative ways to measure attention, emotion, and engagement.