Lots of Conversations Happening while Creating and Curating Contents

Lots of Conversations Happening while Creating and Curating Contents

Good communication is the key to a successful campaign – and lots of conversations are involved while creating and curating contents. The result is even better when you do these tasks with your own distinctive personality and passion. Read about the Junction C here:

Creating and Curating Content and Conversation: Junction C

BY: Kivi Leroux Miller

We use lots of different names to describe that special place where we are at peace and in balance, and where all is right with the world . . . Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, the Promised Land. What does such a place look like for nonprofit communicators?

I think it’s a place where creating and curating both content and conversation come together. I’m calling it Junction C. http://www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com/resources/articles/favorite-topics/creating-and-curating-content-and-conversation-junction-c/

Aside from curating articles, videos and artworks, you can also curate messages or any conversations over the net. This is when you share thoughts via the social media and add your own opinion as an introduction. You are actually sharing topics that your like-minded group cared about. Initiate, respond and join discussions on subjects that you have the expertise or experience – and you will see that you will gain respect and loyalty from your selected online community.

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Jurgen Strauss


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