Gain Publishing Benefits from Content Creation

Gain Publishing Benefits from Content Creation

Content Curation is a beneficial addition to the content creation spiral. It is more than just sharing or publishing articles. It uses important keywords thus giving the site more chances to be found. Search engine optimization is also enhanced with the process because the curated content also inherits the authorship influence and popularity of the original content. This article explains the Content Creation Spiral fairly well:

The Web Content Creation Spiral

By: Oliver Ding 

Thoughts on essential factors of web content creation spiral which is a new model for understanding information flow in the social age. The “publish – share” model is not enough to describe the complexity of various content creation activities. I am thinking about a new analysis framework to capture the rise of content curation.

Content creation takes care of copyright concerns by giving attribution to the author or contributor. Proper formatting also highlights the copied portion
signifying that you are just endorsing the content because of its value to the readers. Skills and experience however are needed in writing the original introduction and summary of the selected article. These are the most read parts. By doing these, you are giving a big favor to your subscribers – saving them time by presenting the article in a straightforward manner.

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

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