Content Curation Clarification

Content Curation Clarification

Content Curation is not about sharing materials over social media. It is a process of endorsing and adding value to quality content – in such a way that the original idea is highlighted with introduction, summary, and further information, with recognition to the author of the orginal article.  This article explains Content Curation in depth:

Understanding the How and Why of Online Content Curation

By: Changtao Zhong

In this study, we seek to have a first look and understand the how and why of content curation. Based on Pinterest and, our analyses employ bothquantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative study is based on a dataset that includes one-month of curation activities and social graphs on both websites. Our qualitative user study is based on responses from nearly 300 users.

On top of having a fresh article without writing or creating anything from scratch, Content Curation is also an effective SEO method. This is because when the link of such content is being shared properly, the site where it is posted also generates organic traffic brought about by the popularity of the content used. Indeed, Content Curation helped in organizing the overloading of information in the internet and promoted the ones that are worth your time!

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

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