Peter Schroeder, DJ to CEO: Crafting the Sound of Success – 608

Peter Schroeder, From DJ to Tech CEO: The Art of Transforming Passion into Innovation – discover how Peter Schroeder transformed from a DJ to a Tech CEO, using his music career skills in business, creating Telzio from personal need, and highlighting the significance of focus and isolation for creative success. Join host Jürgen Strauss for this inspiring entrepreneurial journey on Innovabuzz.


Phillip Stemann, Harnessing AI for SEO Success – Innova.Buzz 607

Phillip Stemann, in Innova.Buzz 607 as a guest of Jürgen Strauss, delves into his passion for SEO and programming, shares vital insights on AI’s role in SEO, and reflects on his entrepreneurial journey. Discover Phillip’s unique approach to technological challenges and his valuable lessons from scaling an agency.


Melissa Dinwiddie, Unleashing Your Creativity in Life and Work – Innova.Buzz 606

Melissa Dinwiddie, guest of Dr Jürgen Strauss in Innova.Buzz 606, shares her inspiring journey from creative blocks to becoming a creativity consultant. Key points include overcoming challenges, practical creativity-enhancing tools, and the impact of creativity in business and teamwork. Learn how embracing individuality fuels personal and professional growth.


Doug Howarth, Revolutionizing Economics with Hypernomics – Innova.Buzz 605

Doug Howarth, in this insightful Innova.Buzz episode, delves into the revolutionary concept of Hypernomics. Explore how this new economic dimension challenges traditional models, its practical applications across industries, and the pivotal Law of Value Demand shaping market dynamics.


JB Benjamin, The Evolution of Technology: From AI to Privacy, How It’s Shaping our World – Innova.Buzz 604

JB Benjamin delves into the evolution of technology and its impact on humanity in this thought-provoking episode of Innova.Buzz 604. Listen as JB Benjamin discusses the power of coding languages, the importance of privacy, and the potential of AI to transform the world.


Shelly Lefkoe, Unleashing Our Unlimited Potential through Belief Transformation – Innova.Buzz 603

Shelley Lefkoe discusses the impact of eliminating limiting beliefs on behavior and emotions on Innova.Buzz 603. Focusing on authenticity, collaboration, and the meaning of events, Shelley Lefkoe’s insights offer a transformative perspective on personal growth and innovation.


Salvatore Buscemi, Investing, Innovation, and Building Meaningful Relationships – Innova.Buzz 602

Salvatore Buscemi joins the Innova.Buzz podcast to discuss the importance of innovative approaches to securing investments, the value of building authentic relationships, and the impact of investing in world-class assets.


Building Vibrant Connections: Jürgen Strauss Discusses Human Centered Community and the Role of AI

Jürgen Strauss, discusses building vibrant connections through a human centred community – He shares his insights on entrepreneurship, community, and AI technology in his guest appearance on Smashing The Plateau. Jürgen discusses the importance of building a community for high impact achievers to connect and find support. He also highlights the benefits of fostering human connection through online events and creating a platform for meaningful conversations. Additionally, Jürgen explores the use of AI technology like Chat GPT as a tool for enhancing communication and providing valuable information.


Nancy Giere, Bundle Your Brilliance by Creating Engaging Online Courses – Innova.Buzz 601

Nancy Giere joins host Jürgen Strauss to share insights on course creation, emphasizing the importance of aligning content with audience needs, leveraging visual aids for engagement, and integrating courses into business models. Learn how to avoid common course creation mistakes and create impactful learning experiences.