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YOUR website generates leads, converts customers and makes people want to share the content.

  • More website visitors = MORE LEADS
  • Your visitors take action = MORE CLIENTS, MORE SALES
  • Your website shared = MORE REFERRALS
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  • You want to work with someone who speaks YOUR language, not Geek Speak!
  • You want to work with someone who knows about business and can translate your business and marketing goals into an online package that delivers results.
  • You want to win more business,  not website design awards.
  • You know that internet marketing is a science, not an art. As such it can be measured and adjusted to deliver results.
  • You like to have fun and enjoy the journey!


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Is YOUR website is feeling neglected? Let us CARE for it, to make sure it is delivering you sales.


Where do I begin to tell you how delighted I am with Innovabiz? Jürgen Strauss has given me the website I had almost given up on achieving after two false starts with other web developers. I am so happy with my website; I have even been known to become teary when talking about it!

I can’t speak highly enough of Jürgen Strauss and Innovabiz and recommend them to any business owner that wants their website to achieve more client traffic, more client contact and more sales. I know that Innovabiz will build you a website you will be proud of and one that will continue to build your business.


- I Speak, I Train, I Write

Working with Jürgen to redevelop our website was a pleasure.

He has an excellent understanding of what is necessary to make a business work via the web.

His service is prompt, attentive and creative.

We look forward to a happy and productive ongoing working relationship with Innovabiz and Jürgen.


Website Redesign – Newlands Coloured Wool


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